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SOLA Giving Day

Our Story

The Louisiana Military Museum is growing, and Uncle Sam wants YOU to partner with us! Despite the devastating impacts of hurricanes, floods, and a global pandemic, the museum has continued moving forward. Last year, in addition to installing brand-new exhibits and acquiring new (old) artifacts like a pair of War of 1812 cannons and a World War I ammunition cart, the museum also hosted a series of events. The Memorial Day Commemoration alone drew a crowd of 400 people. In attendance were several WWII veterans, families, and children of all ages and backgrounds. We far exceeded even our standing-room-only capacity, with some participants holding the front door open so overflow attendees could hear the ceremony from outside. The Missing Man flyover was especially poignant. Our Patriot's Day Banquet commemorated the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The event was sold out almost immediately, with people calling to ask if they could still buy a ticket and just sit on the floor. Needless to say, the museum must expand, and in response, the museum's Board of Directors has initiated a project to accommodate the demand.


Operation Hall of Honor is an effort to expand into the museum's adjacent hangar, thereby creating a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather for special events and educational programs. We are already getting requests from teachers to host programs in the facility. The Louisiana National Guard regularly uses the museum for reenlistment and retirement ceremonies and would greatly benefit from having access to this space. Components of our multi-day Veteran Heritage Festival will occur in this space, as well as Veteran's reunions, military-themed functions, USO-style dances. The Hall of Honor would also serve as a space for outside organizations to hold meetings and events and accommodate private functions such as wedding receptions. Facility rentals would provide a revenue-generating facility that will continue to help push the museum forward. 


Construction on the Hall of Honor has already begun, but we need your help. With the cost of materials literally doubling within a matter of months, the Board of Directors is seeking matching funds to help complete the project. The renovation involves transforming an airport hanger into a multi-purpose facility complete with restrooms, a kitchen serving area, movable stage, tables, chairs, and other pieces of equipment necessary to make this a fully-functional space. The Board has a matching funds program, so every dollar you give will be doubled!

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